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7 Great Photo Spots in Dartmoor National Park

By Ross Hoddinott . Posted

A rugged landscape, home to imposing granite outcrops, empty moorland, deep valleys, boulder-strewn rivers and prehistoric remains, Dartmoor is a real wonder.

1. Great Staple Tor

A stunning tor with lots of picture potential. This is one of Dartmoor’s most recognisible tors, with its stacked, steeple shape. It is a 30-minute or so climb from the car park, and suits evening light best. Give yourself sufficient time to explore and identify the best viewpoints – and to catch your breath!
Great Staple Tor-0261

2. Holwell Tor

Located between Haytor and Saddle Tor is Holwell Tor, popular with photographers due to the photogenic hawthorn tree. Leave your vehicle in the car park between Haytor and Saddle tor, on the B3387, and follow the path between the two tors for approximately 15 minutes. You'll be captivated by the view you reach!
Holwell Tor-7052

3 Combestone Tor

Arguably the most accessible tor on Dartmoor, being just a 50m walk from the car park. However, it boasts superb views of the Dart Valley below. This is a fantastic choice for an easy dawn shoot or when the weather is quickly changing and you don't want to stray too far from the shelter of your car.
Combestone Tor-8522

4. Irishman’s Wall at Belstone

This tumbling stonewall, called Irishman’s Wall, stretches over the moor and provides a nice lead-in line. You will notice close by a very obvious outcrop, known locally as Rabbit Rock. The outcrop can photograph well when included in a composition with Irishman’s Wall in the foreground. However, there is no shortage of viewpoints up here and this is a tor worthwhile of multiple visits throughout different seasons.

5. Brat Tor and Widgery Cross

This tor is instantly recognisable thanks to the large granite cross that sits upon its summit – known as the Widgery Cross. The walk is steep in places, but once you have climbed to the top, consider exploring nearby Hare Tor, Arms Tor and Doe Tor too.

The Widgery Cross-0638

6. Arms Tor

Arms Tor is surrounded by more illustrious neighbours with Great Links Tor to the east and Brat Tor to the south, Arms Tor can easily be overlooked. It is worth a visit for the superb far-reaching views stretching for miles and miles.
-NEW-Arms Tor-0372

7. Shaugh Prior

A must-visit location for togs is Shaugh Prior (found on the south-western edge of the moors). Here, the River Meavy and Plym meet on their route toward the sea at Plymouth. You don’t need to walk far before the picture potential is obvious. The rivers tumble over boulder-strewn rocks, while Shaugh Bridge is an attractive 17th Century stone bridge.

Shaugh Prior-4923

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