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8th Annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest Winners Announced

By Caroline Schmidt. Posted

The prestigious Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition, organised by the Underwater Photography Guide, has announced its 2019 winners. The 8th annual competition attracted a high caliber of photos from oceans around the world and delivered more than $85,000 in prizes.

With 16 different categories, such as Wide-Angle, Portrait, and Nudibranchs, thousands of photographers entered from 78 different countries. Winners were asked to rank their prize choices and were awarded one prize based on totaling points from all their winning photos.

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The 'Best of Show' is a heart-stopping photo of a crab-eater seal maneuvering quickly through freezing waters under Antarctic ice by Greg Lecoeur. The winner of the 'Rising Star Photographer Award', and the 'Best of Show' runner up, was Julie Casey with a jaw-dropping photo of 6 juvenile seahorses. Other extraordinary winners include dramatic animal behavior, stunning marine life portraits, heart wrenching and uplifting conservation scenes, weird and wonderful blackwater creatures, ocean adventure, and many, many more.

Ocean Art 2019 judges included prestigious underwater photographers Tony Wu, Martin Edge, and Marty Snyderman, accompanied by Underwater Photography Guide publisher Scott Gietler.

3rd Place - Dave Johnson - Macro Category - "The Hyponotist"

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4th Place - Johan Sundelin - Coldwater Category - "Catch"

ocean-art-contest-winners-2019-12-5e1da7c140d77 880

2nd Place - Paolo Bausani - Blackwater Category - "Blanket Octopus"

ocean-art-contest-winners-2019-5-5e1da7b33752d 880

3rd Place - George Kuo-Wei Kao - Novice Macro Category - "Who Is It?"

ocean-art-contest-winners-2019-49-5e1da80b37765 880

2nd Place - Paolo Bausani - Blackwater Category - "Blanket Octopus"

ocean-art-contest-winners-2019-2-5e1da7ac52cd9 880!

3rd Place - Fabien Martinazzo - Compact Macro Category - "Telle Une Torpille Pelagia Cherche Sa Proie"

ocean-art-contest-winners-2019-24-5e1da7d941844 880

4th Place - Emry Oxford - Portrait Category - "Cuba Croc"

ocean-art-contest-winners-2019-68-5e1da83238b90 880

2nd Place - Andrea Pescarolo - Nudibranchs Category - "The Sheep"

ocean-art-contest-winners-2019-60-5e1da8223ad96 880

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