Digital SLR Photography

Digital SLR Photography — Issue 162

Digital SLR Photography issue 162 cover

WELCOME TO THE MAY 2020 ISSUE of Digital SLR Photography. In this month’s Photo Masterclass to family portraits, our experts explain how to upgrade your family snapshots to wall-worthy, professional portraits. We’ll cover the fundamental camera techniques along with ways to bolster authentic expressions and interactions – no matter whose family you’re photographing. The Photo Expedition heads to the stunning Northumberland coast, a region with a diverse variety of photographic subject matter that will keep you challenged and inspired whatever the season or the weather. In our Pro Workshop, we ask two readers to go head-to-head while visiting three locations on the same day at the same time to see what results they would return with. In our new Hot Shot feature, we follow veteran music photographer John McMurtrie, as he is confronted with a unique set of challenges on his recent shoot with black metal star Myrkur for Metal Hammer magazine. We’ve lots of other great articles for you to enjoy, including everything you need to know to shoot awesome coastal reflections at golden hour, a creative in-camera double-exposure technique that’s easy to do and highly effective, how to recreate your favourite movie scenes using Lego Minifigures, and how to use focus-stacking skills on still-lifes to maximise detail and sharpness.

  • Photo Skills: Creative and practical photo techniques to try
  • Photo Masterclass: How to capture beautiful family portraits
  • Photo Expedition: Lee Frost visits Northumberland
  • Reader Workshop: Two readers go head-to-head on the coast
  • Hot Shot: Exclusive look at a cover shoot with John McMurtrie
  • Gear: The full-frame Nikon D780 tested and rated