Digital SLR Photography

Digital SLR Photography — Issue 165

Digital SLR Photography issue 165 cover

WELCOME TO THE AUGUST 2020 ISSUE of Digital SLR Photography. In the A to Z of Photography, we expand your photo knowledge with our jargon-free explanations of all the most common photo terms; this issue we cover letters D - F. In our technique special, we’ll also show you how to capture beautiful socially distanced portraits without breaking the rules. In Photo Expert, Ross Hoddinott offers 15 of his favourite photo gems to inspire your photography this summer and in Hot Shot you can read about award-winning wildlife photographer Tracey Lund’s many wins, mistakes and magical moments in the Falkland Islands. The Big Interview chats to Ross Hoddinott as he shares how his parents created a haven for wildlife, which sparked his interest in conservation and career in photography. Lee Frost takes a Photo Expedition to Harris & Lewis, which together form the largest island in Scotland and offer a wealth of stunning scenery, from barren landscapes and ancient stone circles to beaches that rank amongst the most beautiful in the world. We’ll also show you how to capture an action shot like never before with an impactful in-camera technique, how combining refraction and water can create visually exciting images of colouring pencils and how to shoot a top-down panoramas with your drone.

  • Photo Skills: How to shoot socially distanced portraits.
  • The A to Z of Photography: Jargon-busting photographic terms.
  • Photo Expert: Tips and techniques for shooting summer.
  • Photo Expedition: Lee Frost explores Scotland’s Harris & Lewis.
  • Big Interview: Ross Hoddinott on his passion for nature.
  • Gear: Fujifilm's entry-level X-T200 tested and rated.