Digital SLR Photography

Digital SLR Photography — Issue 167

Digital SLR Photography issue 167 cover

WELCOME TO THE OCTOBER 2020 ISSUE of Digital SLR Photography. In the A to Z of Photography, we expand your photo knowledge with our jargon-free explanations of all the most common photo terms; this issue we cover letters L-N. In Photo Expert, Ross Hoddinott provides a handful of tips, tricks and ideas for capturing images with colour impact. The Photo Workshop takes a reader to the Peak District for a crash course in exposure, focusing and composition to dramatically improve their landscape photography. In our Hot Shot interview, Adam Burton discusses what inspired him to take up drone photography, the challenges he faced and the techniques he uses to capture stunning aerial images. Ross Hoddinott takes a Photo Expedition to the Penwith Peninsula of west Cornwall to give us an expert guided tour of the region’s must-visit viewpoints. We’ll also show you how to get the best possible results for landscapes in bright light, how placing certain objects between a light source and your subject can add unusual interest to portraits, and how framing a subject can add interest to cityscape and landscape images.

  • Gear: Nikon’s flagship professional D6 tested and rated.
  • Photo Expedition: Ross Hoddinott visits the Penwith Peninsula.
  • Hot Shot: Adam Burton’s stunning aerial landscape images.
  • Photo Expert: Ideas for capturing images with colour impact.
  • The A to Z of Photography: Jargon-busting photographic terms.
  • Photo Skills: How to shoot landscapes in bright midday light.