Digital SLR Photography

Digital SLR Photography — Issue 168

Digital SLR Photography issue 168 cover

WELCOME TO THE NOVEMBER 2020 ISSUE of Digital SLR Photography. In the A to Z of Photography, we expand your photo knowledge with our jargon-free explanations of all the most common photo terms; this issue we cover letters O-S. In Photo Expert, Ross Hoddinott shares a handful of his favourite photo subjects, together with seasonal expert tips, to help inspire your photography this Autumn. The Photo Workshop challenges one reader to capture the iconic city of Cambridge using several techniques and a 50mm lens. In our Big Interview, regular contributors Ross Hoddinott & Ben Hall discuss their latest book 52 Assignments: Nature Photography. Adam Burton takes a Photo Expedition to South Wales, sharing the secrets of one of the most photogenic and varied locations in the UK. We’ll also show you how to shoot colourful and creative still-lifes, how to capture the city from a mouse’s eye view, and how to kickstart your Halloween with our frightfully fun and spooky techniques.

  • Gear: Canon EOS R6. Enthusiast mirrorless camera tested & rated.
  • Photo Expedition: Adam Burton uncovers the secrets of South Wales.
  • Big interview: Ross Hoddinott & Ben Hall discuss their latest book.
  • Photo Expert: 15 expert tips for shooting your best seasonal images.
  • The A to Z of Photography: Jargon-busting photographic terms.
  • Photo Skills: Frightfully fun and spooky Halloween techniques.