Digital SLR Photography

Digital SLR Photography — Issue 171

Digital SLR Photography issue 171 cover

WELCOME TO THE FEBRUARY 2021 ISSUE of Digital SLR Photography. In our Photo Expert to winter, Ross Hoddinott shares an abundance of seasonal photo opportunities just waiting to be captured. Hotshot takes to the skies with an exclusive look at Phil Makanna’s awe-inspiring GHOSTS series! We show you how to master new skills and broaden your photo horizons with our Photo Resolutions for 2021. In Photo Expedition, Lee Frost encourages you to escape the cold this winter by considering a few days in the beautiful Spanish city of Valencia. We’ll also show you how to capture urban light trails, create amusing headshots, master high-speed flash and shoot landscapes with a telezoom.

  • Photo Skills: How to capture urban light trails
  • Photo Expert: 15 expert tips for shooting winter
  • Hotshot: Take to the skies with Phil Makanna
  • Photo Resolutions: Photography inspiration for 2021
  • Photo Expedition: Lee Frost visits the Spanish city of Valencia
  • Gear: The Canon EOS 850D APS-C DSLR tested